Mumtalakat 2019 Annual Report


Human Resources

Our highly qualified and passionate workforce is a key driver of Mumtalakat’s success. In line with our goal of growing Bahrain’s wealth, we remain focused on hiring and retaining the brightest professionals.

Our Human Resources Department actively supports our employees in developing their careers and improving their skills, cultivating a workplace culture of professionalism, diversity, and continuous development. We also set and oversee key performance indicators across all functions, ensuring that the strategic objectives and business plans of our investment and support functions are aligned.

Key Milestones in 2019:

We believe that success is bred by ensuring that contributions and results are rewarded, so in 2019, we launched a meritocratic framework for assessing performance. Managers and team members received training over the course of six in-house workshops on how to effectively assess performance and articulate feedback. The system has strengthened our evaluation process by introducing in-depth calibration sessions and ensuring greater overall fairness and transparency in performance ratings.

We place strong value on investing in talent development. In addition to ongoing annual media training, and professional skills development, 14% of our talent base undertook bespoke leadership development training and 32% participated in a tailored in-house public speaking course. We also offered a corporate governance refresher course for our Board of Directors to help them make informed decisions in line with Mumtalakat’s vision. This year’s development initiatives focused on meeting both organisational and individual development needs, as well as supporting career transition and progression.