Mumtalakat 2019 Annual Report


Information Technology

A strong Information Technology (IT) infrastructure underpins all aspects of our business and provides a springboard for our success. Our IT team helps us leverage the latest technological tools at our disposal so that we can continue to deliver results by streamlining our operations, staying abreast of the latest market trends, and supporting our portfolio companies with up-to-date information.

Key Milestones in 2019:

With the aim of improving the speed and resilience of its information technology infrastructure, Mumtalakat became the first government agency in the Kingdom to migrate its databases to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Bahrain data centres. The three data centres, established in July, are the first in the Middle East to offer cloud storage to regional organisations.

The migration allowed Mumtalakat to reduce its usage of international data centres, resulting in an over 50% reduction in technology operational costs and considerable cost savings on data backup, storage, and security. A seamless disaster recovery test was also successfully completed. The Mumtalakat IT team further oversaw the process for other subsidiaries across the Group, assisting them in their adoption of the Government’s Cloud First policy.

The team continued to adopt the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for various IT functions to achieve scalability, flexibility, and availability. Another major milestone was the implementation of a new cybersecurity risk and threat management solution, which saw full vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing along with a security architecture review.

The IT team performed a complete upgrade to its voice and networking platforms accordingly, in addition to opening a communication channel with subsidiaries to better align cloud adoption and IT security initiatives.